Customer Experience

August 31, 2010

customer experienceIs your customer experience making you money? Costing you money? Do you even know? Like a line of falling dominoes, daily actions across your organization form a sequence of events that, if aligned correctly, build momentum and culminate in what every business wants: outstanding financial performance. Establishing a target customer experience-your front domino-to drive daily decisions within your organization will determine the fluidity of that chain of events, and the level of profit outcome you achieve. Companies that use a target customer experience as their front domino reap the biggest rewards in profitability, growth and sustainability. Linda Ireland discusses her book about customer experience in a how-to discussion, rich with practical exercises, providing a tested blueprint for defining the target customer experience and translating it into an actionable strategy that will lead to tangible financial reward.

Linda Ireland, friend, strategist, amazing communicator and chief problem solver takes us on a journey of her new book Dominos: How Customer Experience Can Tip Everything in Your Business toward Better Financial Performance

Customer Experience by Author of Domino Linda Ireland from Gary Cohen on Vimeo.

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