Craig Hickman Speaks on Accountability

May 16, 2011

New York Times Best Selling Author Craig Hickman

At the May gathering of Eat the Book in Minneapolis, Craig Hickman led a group discussion of 14 executives on the topic of personal and organizational accountability.


Results Pyramid(TM) Developed by Partners in Leadership(R)

Craig explained the Results Pyramid™, which was developed by Partners in Leadership®, a firm known for their outstanding training in accountability. According to Craig, most organizations spend a great deal of time on Results and Actions, the top two segments of the pyramid. Correcting results and actions, however, doesn’t get to the root of the problem: Beliefs and Experiences. To build and maintain accountability, all four segments of the pyramid must be addressed.

Craig advocates teaching individuals to see, own, and solve problems, and take the necessary corrective measures (a sequence that Craig described as See it® Own it® Solve it® Do it®). This process addresses individuals’ beliefs, experiences, actions, and results, and helps create an accountable culture. It helps, too, if the organization drives toward no more than five key objectives that are Memorable, Measurable, & Meaningful.

Before trying to hold individuals accountable, leaders need to teach them how to be accountable–not just in their actions and results, but also in their beliefs and experiences.

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