Crack The Leadership Code

April 8, 2015

25 leadership experts from around the world will soon be providing their insights on how to crack the leadership code. They will provide their successful models and strategies so that you, too, can grow you and your organization’s leadership skills and abilities.

Here are the details:

From April 27 – May 17, you will receive a daily e-mail at 6a.m. EST with a link to that day’s podcast. The podcast will feature an interview with Jim Kouzes (author of The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, the bestselling classic that’s often found on business-school syllabi), Kevin Eikenberry (who always offers terrific insight on how to lead both up and down the organization), Kevin Kruze (author of Employee Engagement 2.0), and many others–myself included. I’m going to be discussing how to use questions to engage others and how leadership isn’t a solo act.

All you need to do is provide your name and e-mail address here, and you’ll be provided with a free login.  You will have unlimited access to the interviews for 72 hours, and then they’ll expire. You will also receive a free gift just for participating!

“What I loved about conducting these interviews is that I learned something new from each expert–even in areas where I feel confident and thought I already knew a lot,”  says Michelle Pizer, the moderator of the podcast event.

This event should be great for you, your team, and your bottom-line! Hope you take advantage of this free podcast series.

I’d love you to share this event with your friends and colleagues. Just send them an email or text message with the URL: Crack The Leadership Code.

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