Chasing the Shadow

October 13, 2010

The thing you are most afraid of is not that thing but the mother of that thing. That is a lesson David Whyte, poet and philosopher, speaks to when retelling the tale of Beawolf. Often in organizational life we are continually chasing the shadow. We’re concerned about issues like cash flow, growth in sales, hitting the budget, meeting a time line… When you peal back the layers of those fears you get to some greater fears that are around; wanting to be liked, being well regarded, being respected, being trusted, having approval of others and the like… If you could name those out laud you might find that what drove you in your younger days may not be worthy of your fears today.

Another words the narrative that you keep listening to, was likely very real or at least provided you protective perspective when you were younger and the underlying assumptions are no longer valid. The way to begin to reveal these myths is to micro test them to see if they hold up in today’s context of your life. Remember the person who started the journey you call life is not the same person today or the the same person who you will be in the end.

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