Business Check List

July 2, 2010

In an effort to better systematize his business, Kayle Neeley President of EZ Pay decided to institute a business check list procedure like a pilot does before take off. Mr. Neeley said, “The trick was to not provide too many items in the business check list so that employees would be enthusiastic and enough items to make it relevant and meaningful to the business.” EZ Pay provides employee leasing options for mid-size to large companies throughout the United States. Each office works rather independently and all purchasing is centralized for cost savings. One of the immediate benefits that was noticed was that the offices that were low on inventory items to make their job easier immediate requested additional supplies. Additionally, they found that after instituting this daily checklist that the managers provided more detail analysis of other business issues that were not on the checklist.

One thing did come as a surprise was that those that were most detailed by nature resented the checklist and the simplicity of the instrument. They felt it did not go deep enough. The solution to this was to help them see how those that reported to them that did not carry the same level of detail orientation would be helpful to them.

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