Building High Performing Teams Workshot Q1 2014

December 7, 2013

High Performing Teams

One of my mentors in the area of leadership and followership is Gordy Curphy. He is an amazing educator, facilitator and coach. He will be giving a workshop on building high performing teams – I know I intend to attend if my schedule allows. If you want to learn about his new model that may be just what your organization needs hit the appropriate hyperlinks below.

People belong to hundreds of different groups over the course of their careers yet get little guidance on how to diagnose and improve team functioning and performance. The most common team models, such as Tuckman’s Four Stages and Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions, often provide misguided advice for building public and private sector teams. The purpose of the Certification Workshop is to provide leaders, trainers, and consultants with a researched based yet practical framework for building high performance teams. This one day, hands-on program is intended to give participants the knowledge and tools needed to answer such questions as:Followership Model

  • Do teams and groups need to be managed differently?
  • How do I successfully launch new high performing teams?
  • How can I diagnose current team functioning?
  • How can I help existing teams get to the next level of performance?
  • How can I turn around underperforming teams?
  • What is different about managing virtual teams?
  • How should teams manage conflict?
  • How do I quickly on-board new team members?
  • How do I deal with a team killer?

If you or your clients are facing any of these issues then the Building High Performing Teams Certification Workshop is for you. The workshop is based on The Rocket Model: Practical Advice for Building High Performing Teams (Curphy & Hogan, 2012) and will be facilitated by Gordy Curphy.


Notify MPPAW by Thursday, December 19th if interested. If they receive sufficient interest in this workshop they will make arrangements to have Gordy deliver in Q1 2014. For more  information, please read MPPAW-Building High Performing Teams Certification Workshop Detailed Overview2 and email them at so they can know that there are enough participants.

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