Braking News on Baja 500 Race – This is a race that is almost impossible to finish!

November 21, 2009

CO2 Partners sponsors Peter Hajas and Team in the UTV Baja 500! They are at mile 445 in the 680 mile race! Peter drove the first quadrant, his brother the second, another guy the third, and
about now Peter is getting in the car for the last run. In the beginning of the race at mile 8 they were going to pass a Volkswagen. The procedure involves a lot of honking, then you pass. As our car
was passing, the Volkswagen politely moved sideways to get out of the way, but moved the wrong way and hit our car! Peter thought it was over at mile 8. Their frame is bent and they’ve been driving the entire way like that. Otherwise, they are doing well despite running low on back tires (3 flats). The sponsorship is huge – If the car wins CO2 Partners will exchange $1 total to the car’s team!

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