50 Best/Top Leadership Blogs

July 19, 2013

Top Leadership BlogsDr. Jon Warner has once again compiled the annual update of the 50 Best/Top leadership blogs on the web as of July 2013. On Ready to Manage, he explains why the list changed so much over the past 12 months:

  1. Alexa rankings of individual blogs have changed considerably. This mainly arises not only because of the time invested by individual blog authors in the last year but because many more web sites and blogs have been launched (and Alexa estimates that there are now around 60 million active (as opposed to dormant) web sites in the world).
  2. Readers a year ago (and since) alerted us to qualifying leadership blog sites we were unaware of last year and those are now included. Some of these (indicated in orange) have appeared quite high up in the list (the highest of the 15 in total at number 7).
  3. Some leadership bloggers have done little to enhance or add to their blogging efforts and have slid backwards on the list or are out altogether in terms of site traffic. It’s a real reminder in the online world that if you stand still you go quickly in the wrong direction!

I am excited to announce that CO2 Partners’ Elements of Leadership was ranked number 36 in the world! Check out all of the top leadership blogs.

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