Becoming a Leader (Part 6)

December 12, 2012
becoming a leader

5 Step Personal Improvement Process

Becoming a Leader:  Challenge #5–Create Change

 “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi

I had a very successful businessman tell me once that the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.  Creating change is not easy, it is not quick, and it can, and should, take you far outside your comfort zone.

Leaders see and then create change–in themselves, in others, and in their organizations. Nokia started as a manufacturer of paper products and eventually became the leader in mobile phone technology–only to fall by the wayside because they didn’t adapt to the changing marketplace. Berkshire-Hathaway was, originally, a textile manufacturer. Today, we know it as a multinational holding company (with brands like GEICO and Dairy Queen) controlled by Warren Buffet. Creating change requires vision, focus, alignment, and a team with energy (items that we will touch on in this series).

Becoming a Leader:  Talent #5–Act Decisively

In a previous post (You can’t steer a parked car) we touched on how even a small amount of movement helps the leader find the path forward. Nothing frustrates a team more than a leader who cannot or will not make a decision. Focus on making the best decision possible then on making the decision right.

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