Becoming a Leader: All-Star vs. High Performance Teams

May 5, 2014

Becoming a Leader:  Challenge #12–Build Your High Performance Team

Trust. Lack of trust will limit the performance of your team more than lack of technical skills. All-star and Pro-bowl games are, well, boring. The top “technical” skills are on the field, but these teams lack the depth that is built over time through a trusting relationship with other teammates.

On high-performance teams, operations go smoothly because of trust. You know each other as people, not just professionals. You know each others values and see them daily in action. Your coworkers know where you’ll be, what you’ll do, when, and why. They trust you to do your job, so they can focus on theirs. And trust also allows team members to stretch and take important risks without fear of reprisal or fear of failure.

Becoming a Leader:  Talent #12–Integrity, Consistency, Authenticity

When was the last time that you worked for somebody with low integrity? How did it make you feel? Integrity really shows up in consistency of actions and not playing favorites. Authenticity is saying the same things during the meeting as you say privately at the bar. Integrity, consistency, and authenticity are critical in building a high-performance team. Without them, you lose trust and the team falters.

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