Appreciate the Moment

April 28, 2014

Many leaders are moving so fast and furious that they do not take time to appreciate the moment. When we took our company public, I did not take a moment to reflect until my partner Rick suggested it. We were at an industry trade show going down an escalator. In retrospect, that down elevator might have been an omen (!), but what I remember  and still recollect fondly is that moment where we both fully appreciated what we’d accomplished.

When Barack Obama was sworn-in as president for a second time, he didn’t let the schedule or the urgency or expectations of others prevent him from pausing to savor the moment. He was caught on microphone saying, “I want to take a look one more time. I’m not going to see this again.”

Are you pausing to appreciate your big moments? Are you pausing to appreciate the big moments of  your team? And are you encouraging them to do the same? Great leaders help others appreciate what they have accomplished and overcome.

Leaders are so often in the position to stress and demand urgency and action, they can forget the importance of pausing and stillness. Make time for stillness and thoughtful reflection.

The moments don’t have to be huge for you to fully appreciate them. What’s a moment this week you would have liked to savor more? What’s something scheduled for later today that you’d like to appreciate more fully? Take a moment. Pause. And express your appreciation.

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