13 Ways to Say You’re Fired

January 17, 2011
13 ways to say you're fired

You have been Bangalored!

It is interesting to me that we use innuendo when it comes to firing people. Steven Pinker Professor at Harvard discusses the uses of innuendo in society it is often used when the person you use it with has power over you. In the case of letting someone go – you’re the one with the power and yet think of all the many ways there are to shed people from your employment. The following list of 13 ways to say you’re fired was gathered from a question that was asked and answered on Quora (great site for asking questions to the larger community).

1) “We are letting you go to industry”

2) “We are recycling our creative pool”

3) “We are putting you on special assignment”

4) “We are rethinking our future”

5) “We are maximizing our through-put by streamlining our workforce”

6) “Invited to be successful elsewhere”

7) “You got Bangalored”

8) “Our chair supplier went bust”

9) “You have been optimized”

10) “You have been ‘Up in The Air’ ed”

11) “You have been Smartsized”

12) “You have been Rightsized”

13) “A workforce re-balancing by unemployers”

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